LAB election irregularities

12.  Ballots sent to Chicago

TO:          Interested League members

FROM:    League of American Bicyclists board of directors

DATE:    April 17th, 2003

RE:          Board election process and timeline

The following memo outlines the procedures which will be following for tallying the elections for the League of American Bicyclists board elections for Regions 1, 4 and 6. This memo was amended and approved by the League board of directors on April 16, 2003.  This process is for the current election cycle.  The board will undertake a process to clarify procedures and policies for elections in general at a later date.


At the November 2002 meeting, the nominating committee submitted a timeline which was accepted. The relevant dates from that timeline:

April 15, 2003

Ballots must be postmarked or in physical receipt of the League of American Bicyclists office in Washington DC.
May 6, 2003

Completion of counting of ballots
May 15, 2003

Announce election results to candidates and to the membership via bikeleague news and website
June 18, 2003

Announce election results in magazine mailing July 18


In November 2002, the board directed that the ballots would be mailed to the League office and counted at the office by volunteers.  However, the board has now directed that the ballots will be counted by the Illinois law firm of Howe & Hutton.  John Peterson from that firm is the League’s primary legal advisor and will oversee the process.  Howe & Hutton regularly counts ballots for a variety of clients.

While the timeline above calls for "completion of counting of ballots" on May 6th, the board has asked Howe & Hutton to begin the process of verifying the validity of ballots as soon after receipt as possible, to insure that counting can be completed on the 6th.  If election results are available prior to the 15th, the board may choose to release those results sooner.


On April 16th, Howe & Hutton sent a representative from their Washington affiliated-office to pick up the ballots from the League office.  League board member Joe Stafford oversaw the transfer of ballots from secure storage at the League office to the representative, who will ship them to Howe & Hutton headquarters in Illinois.  Another pickup will be scheduled on or about April 30th to collect any ballots that are received after the first pickup.

Any ballots postmarked or physically received after April 15th will not be considered valid.


Howe & Hutton is responsible for verifying the validity of each ballot.  They will insure that ballots were received timely.  They will check each name, address and member number against the League membership database to verify that the membership is current, the member resides in the appropriate district, and that the membership type is eligible to vote (individual or family, versus business or club).  While the inclusion of the member’s number on the ballot helps to positively identify the voter and speeds up the process, ballots without member numbers are considered valid, as long as the ballot counting team can match the member name up against the lists.  This practice has been standard for the past several League board elections and will be continued for this election.

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