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LAB Reform — LAB Governance Timeline

Below are some of the “highlights” of the LAB governance crisis that led to the formation of LAB Reform.  The board has had many opportunities to cure problems.  Unfortunately, they refuse to even admit that “mistakes were made.”  Instead they have cynically escalated the conflict several times.

These events point out the need to change the leadership of LAB in order to end this crisis and prevent it occurring again.  For details on many of these events, see A Brief History of LAB by Bill Hoffman or follow links for other articles.

1997 – Board moved headquarters from Baltimore to Washington
1998 – Bylaws changed to appoint 4 of 12 directors
2001 – Beginning of Education Program crisis
2002 – Which Way LAB distributed at Rally
2003 – The LAB Election Scandal
2003 – Added a fifth appointed director (5 of 12) (members not consulted)
2003 – Sneak LAB Bylaws Changes  (Martha Roskowski, then Secretary, played key role.)
        These changes made member input to the League much more difficult.
        To get on the ballot, we need over 1000 signatures (was 50).
        A referendum now requires ~2500 signatures (was ~750).
2003 – LAB operating deficit $47,000, membership down 14% in 6 years
2004 – LAB operating deficit $264,197, membership down another 10%
2005 – Greehan became LAB president
2005 – Greehan threatened legal action against LAB Reform to stifle dissent.
2007 – Mike Greehan and Martha Roskowski finally term limited off board.
2007-8 – LAB Reform members Bill Hoffman and Bruce Rosar elected to board.
2008-9 – A Soviet style election (one candidate per seat).
2010 – Bylaws changed again to add more appointed board members.
2010 – Membership down 27% since 2002.
2011 – Bill Hoffman resigned from Board at end of his term

Please join us and help restore the BikeLeague to members.

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See www.labreform.org to join LAB Reform.

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