1 — Threat from the LAB President

The threatening letter shown below was sent on 5 Dec 2005 by attorney Randall Greehan, who is apparently the brother of LAB president Mike Greehan.

We believe Greehan is upset by information in an article on the LAB Reform website.  This article is the first “hit” if you Google the name “Mike Greehan”.  We invite you to read this article and the rest of the material about the interference by members of the board (including Greehan) in the 2003 election

To the best of our knowledge, our information is truthful and it is our reasonable expression of free speech.  Indeed, much of this article is Mike Greehan’s own writing.  No reasonable person will find defamatory statements about Mr. Greehan at labreform.org.  This letter is simply a blatant attempt to stifle dissent and to suppress information about improper conduct by Mike Greehan.

We have added notes in red text below to point out Greehan’s false accusations and to provide background information.

Dear Messrs. Hoffman, Oswald and Schubert:

    Statements regarding Michael F. (Mike) Greehan have been made and published, at a minimum on the internet, that are false and injurious to him personally and professionally, including his reputation as a dedicated and honorable member of the League of American Bicyclists and as an advocate for the bicycling community.  I understand that representatives of LAB Reform have told Mr. Greehan that they do not know how to remove statements appearing on the organization’s website.  Removing published material from a website, especially one’s own, is simply a matter of removing digital content located on a server.  It is easily “accomplished.  If this truly is your or LAB Reform’s position on this matter, it is misguided and will not withstand legal or technical scrutiny.

Note:  Readers may wish to draw their own conclusions whether Mr. Greehan is a “dedicated and honorable member of the League of American Bicyclists”, based on his conduct as a director of the League.

We believe that Greehan is most upset at seeing his own writing appear on the Web.  This is from an email message that he wrote to then candidate John Allen.  Allen was quite properly concerned about the interference in the election by seven directors, including Greehan.

Greehan had complained to Bill Hoffman about professional embarrassment from our article about the 2003 LAB election interference and the fact that this is the first “hit” on Google.  Bill told him that he did not know how to control how Google’s placement of search results.  He did not say that we do not know how to remove (or add) web content.

To stop any further harm to Mr. Greehan, all false and misleading comments and statements must immediately cease.  As well, within fourteen (14) days of this letter, you and the LAB Reform organization are requested to remove any contents regarding Mr. Greehan from websites or other information sources within your custody and/or control.  If any false, misleading, or otherwise defamatory statements about Mr. Greehan are made in the future, or if the contents of websites or other information sources are not purged within fourteen (14) days, amicable resolution will not be possible and legal steps may be taken to protect his rights.  This letter is written without waiver of any rights or remedies that Mr. Greehan may assert against you and/or the LAB Reform organization.

Note:  We totally reject all claims by attorney Greehan.  We believe that people should know about the actions of Mike Greehan and his blatant attempt to muzzle dissent in LAB.

We think that it is very significant that neither Mike Greehan nor lawyer Randall Greehan have ever identified even one specific statement that is “false, misleading, or otherwise defamatory”.  This fact reinforces our conclusion that there are no such statements.

Make no mistake, if this dispute ends up in court, we will have some very embarrassing questions for Mike Greehan and other League officials to answer under oath.

                                        Randall T. Greehan

cc: Michael F. Greehan

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