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This page contains photos for promoting the best practices of bicycle operation
— operating the bicycle as a vehicle by following the standard rules of the road.

You may use these images at no charge.  Please include the following acknowledgement:
[author] photograph, or get permission from the author of the image.
If not otherwise identified, photos are by Fred Oswald.

You can click on the link following each “thumbnail” image to view a larger copy or right click on the link to copy the larger image to your own computer.

Cycling techniques

(25) Child (age 7) learning merge for L turn. This is on a quiet street.
Large image, 135 kb

(26) Young Vehicular Cyclist
Large image, 54 kb
Bob Bayn photo

(27) Bike Rodeo
Large image, 156 kb

(28) Too far right — risks ‘right hook’ from traffic turning onto freeway
Large image, 230 kb

(29) Bad Technique — wrong way. He told author he wanted to see traffic coming.
Large image, 287 kb

(30) Two wrong-way kids
Large image, 326 kb

(31) Vehicle detector dipole loop
Large image, 563 kb

(32) Quadrupole loop.
Large image, 376 kb

(33) Installing vehicle detector loop
Large image, 405 kb

(34) Going straight with 2 RT lanes
Large image, 425 kb

(35) Going straight with dual dest lane. Stay in left side of R lane
Large image, 355 kb

(36) Going straight with
dual RT lanes
Large image, 476 kb

(37) Merging into position
for a L turn
Large image, 135 kb

(38) In L turn lane
Ride in middle of the lane
Large image, 373 kb
Fred Oswald photo

(39) Dual-dest. LT lane
Large image, 567 kb

(40) Wide lane — OK to share lane
Large image, 385 kb

(41) Bridge with wide outside lane
Large image, 370 kb

(42) Bridge with wide outside lane
May not be room to share with large trucks
Large image, 318 kb

(43) 6-way Intersection. Not hard if you ride in the right place
Large image, 386 kb

(44) Lights @ night — Much better than reflectorized clothing
Large image, 125 kb

(45) Making RT with bikelane on L
(Some try to turn from the bikelane)
Large image, 326 kb

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Cycling Technique #2
Cycling Facilities — Good, Bad & Ugly
Cycling Facilities #2 — Good, Bad & Ugly
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