How to place a bet on the Euro 2021 tournament – top sports betting websites

There are many different sports betting websites to choose from, all offering something new and exciting to incentivise you to sign up, as well as competitive odds on tournaments like the Euro 2021. 
For example, if you want to put down a bet that England will win their group stage, group D, in the Euro, Virgin Bet will offer you £20 free credit if you put down just £10 as a starting deposit, and £5 free for every England game after that. This means you have more funds to play with for the rest of the tournament! Alternatively, if you want to put a straight bet on England to win the entire tournament, the average odds are 9/2 and you can get a free £100 credit from Bet365 from a £5 deposit.

How to choose a sports betting website

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It can be hard to choose which sports betting website to choose from, especially since there’s so many different options online. There are 5 key things you should look out for when choosing:
1. What incentive are the offering to new customers 
For example, some betting websites like Bet365 offer a £100 free credit in exchange for just a £5 initial betting deposit. Others offer free bets, double credit and lower risk options.
2. Do they adhere to the UK betting regulations and fair play rules
The majority of betting websites will highlight the fact that they are UK regulated and show you the fair play rules that they adhere to. Always give these a read and make sure that you’re using a legit service.
3. Compare their odds to other sports betting websites
All betting websites offer different odds, so make sure you do your research and see which site is offering you the best odds for the bet you want to place. 
4. Check they offer the type of bet that you want to place
For example, if you want the option to “cash out” midway through a game or the tournament when your funds are up, then make sure you opt for a site that offers this. 
5. Make sure they have a quick and easy set-up and withdrawal process
Setting up an account with an online sports betting website is quick and easy, especially if they’re a legit company. All you should have to provide is age verification to prove that you are older than 18 years, a current bank account for your funds to be withdrawn into and a credit or debit card for you to pay for your bets. 

What are the top sports betting sites to use? 

  The top ten sports betting sites are:
  1. William Hill
  2. Bet365
  3. BetFair 
  4. PaddyPower
  5. 888Betting 
  6. Virgin Bets
  7. Sky Bets
  8. Ladbrokes
  9. Coral 
  10.  Bets Victor 
What to expect when betting on sports online
Easier than in-person betting, you’ll have access to your very own online betting account where you can see live updates as they happen. You’ll get an option to “view your bets” in a “bets wallet” and see available funds vs accumulated/won funds. Most of the best safe betting sites allow users to place bets through the simple click of a button. As long as you have enough funds to make your bet, it’ll be processed instantaneously. 
Make sure to always place your bet before a game begins. For example, if you’re betting that England will beat Croatia in the first game for Group D, be sure to deposit your funds and place the bet before kick-off in order for your bet to be valid.

Rules for online betting

Online betting holds the same rules as in-shop betting; you must be aged 18 and above to place a bet, you must only use your own money to bet and you must not breach any terms and conditions laid out on each betting website.

How do I sign up for a sports betting website?

Signing up to a sports betting website as a new customer couldn’t be easier, simply go onto your chosen website and have your details ready to hand. Click “sign up” or “start a profile” and fill in your personal information, including your date of birth and your payment details so you can deposit your initial funds to place a bet. Some websites may also ask you to provide age verification ID so be sure to have that ready. 
Once you’ve signed up to a betting website, you’ll be able to place bets freely and with ease, as long as you have enough funds in your account. If you want to withdraw any winnings you may accumulate, simply click “withdraw funds” and the betting website will transfer your funds into your chosen bank account, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

What are the different sports bets I can do? 

There are four different types of sports bets you can use for Euro 2021, some with higher risk than others. They are: 
  1. A Straight Bet – one of the easiest and therefore popular sports bets that people place. This is a bet that does exactly what it says on the tin – a simple bet that says, for example, “England to win the tournament”. This is reliant on any other factors other than exactly what you have bet on. 
  2. Point Spread – a Point Spread bet is a common choice for tournaments like the Euro 2021, mainly because it makes the experience more fun. Put simply, you can bet on both teams in a game to win, but one team has to win by the Point Spread margin at the end in order for you to win the bet.
  3. Total Bet – a Total Bet is based on a scoring system. For example, actions in the game, like goals, generate points. So the total number of points scored by a side during the game is what your Total Bet is based on.
  4. Parlay Bet – a Parlay Bet is a higher risk bet as it’s based on you winning all of your bets in order to take home any cash. So, you’ll play this bet on a game by game basis, accumulating money that will carry over and be used on the next game. 
Whichever way you choose to bet, it’s important to always remember to only play with money that you can afford to lose. Tournaments like the Euro 2021 are similar to lotteries, as you cannot predict the outcome of the results and therefore, there is always a risk to your money. Researching the odds of each team winning will definitely give you an insight into who are the favourites and therefore, most likely to win but these are never a certainty. 

How can I use my free credits

If you’re a new customer and receive free credits when you sign up, there will be terms and conditions around how you can use these for future bets. For the most part, these will be simple and easy to understand. 
You can use free credits for second, third or fourth bets that you might play after your initial bet. For example, if you’re betting on England to win Group D in the Euro 2021 tournament and they do, you can then use your free credit for any following bet on England winning the quarter finals and semifinals etc. All free credits and incentives will differ from website to website and terms and conditions will be the same so always read up on these before you attempt to use them.

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