6 — LAB Reform’s answer to Greehan’s lawyer

Dear Mr. Greehan:

Subject: Subject: Your letter of December 30, 2005

This letter, unfortunately, brings us no closer to a resolution of the issue you raised in your December 2 letter.

We reject your assertion that our materials are not factual or that we present opinions as fact.  However, if you would point out any specific matter that you think is not factual, along with a clear explanation for why you think so, we will consider making appropriate changes.

Do you, or Mike Greehan, believe it is proper for an LAB director to:

Mike Greehan is guilty of all these things.

We also dispute your claim that this matter does not involve the League.  The materials on our website refer specifically to improper actions by certain directors of the League, including Mr. Greehan.  In addition, as President, Mr. Greehan has additional responsibility to act properly, and he must expect criticism when he violates this trust.  Therefore, it is impossible to divorce Mr. Greehan’s actions from his duties as a League director.  Indeed, it is solely because of his actions as a director that we were led to post our materials and statements on our website.

None of the three of us ever promised that the materials critical of Mr. Greehan would be removed from the LAB Reform website.  I (Hoffman) did make a statement at the March, 2005, LAB Board meeting that we would examine the materials, and if we found them to be inaccurate, libelous or slanderous, would remove them.

Two attorneys have examined the site, and both concluded that nothing of a libelous or slanderous nature was present.  We have again verified the accuracy and truthfulness of the website’s contents.  Based on the attorneys’ opinions, we have not removed anything, but neither did we add anything [1], as you state in your current letter.  Please describe what additional “inflammatory statements” have been added.

You indicated that you are preparing a more comprehensive response, which we look forward to receiving.  Meanwhile, Mr. Greehan still has the opportunity to engage us in negotiations that might result in the removal not only of the statements critical of him, but also of additional statements relating to the LAB Board.


William N. Hoffman, for himself and on behalf of John Schubert and Fred Oswald


[1] Since these words were written, we have added this “Greehan” section that describes Greehan’s attempt to stifle dissent by his legal threat.

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