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This page contains photos for promoting the best practices of bicycle operation
— operating the bicycle as a vehicle by following the standard rules of the road.

You may use these images at no charge.  Please include the following acknowledgement:
[author] photograph, or get permission from the author of the image.
If not otherwise identified, photos are by Fred Oswald.

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Cycling techniques #1 — Good & Bad

Lane Position
(1) Good lane position, not too far right – passing drivers give ample room.
Large image, 86 kb
Lane Position
(2) Lane position on 5 narrow-lane road. Right tire track is good.  But ride further left on high-speed road.
Large image, 63 kb
Lane Position
(3) In right tire track on a narrow-lane road.  Note red car changing lanes to pass.
Large image, 58 kb
narrow lane
(4) More good lane position on narrow-lane road.  (Winter photo.)
Large image, 74 kb
passing parked cars
(5) Passing parked cars on a narrow-lane road.  Cyclist is safely out of the door zone
Large image, 74 kb
angle parking
(6) Passing angle-parked cars.
Cyclist could be further left
Large image, 78 kb
wide lane
(7) Passing car gives ample room on wide lane road although cyclist is a bit too far right.
Large image, 56 kb
(8) Climbing a hill you may not need much space — you can usually let faster traffic pass.
Large image, 85 kb
(9) Lane position on a bridge.  Cyclist avoids the glass accumulation shoulder
Large image, 75 kb
(10) Left turn with multiple L-turn lanes. Normally use rightmost lane for your destination.
Large image, 67 kb
L turn
(11) Setup for L turn #1.
Move left in lane; look for opening to merge to next lane.
Large image, 70 kb
L turn
(12) Setup for L turn #2. Continue merging, yielding to any traffic in new lane.
Large image, 70 kb
Negotiate L-turn
(13) “Negotiating” a left turn
in heavy traffic
Large image, 54 kb
Be my guest
(14) Cyclist moves L to allow
traffic to turn R on red.
Large image, 65 kb
(15) Truck passing — professional drivers usually do it better but a more left lane position would help.
Large image, 69 kb
Don't pass
(16) Deterring unsafe passing on blind curve.  Would be better if her palm were facing back.
Large image, 70 kb
crack in road
(17) Avoiding crack (fall hazard)
Large image, 64 kb
RR tracks
(18) Approaching oblique RR tracks.  Cyclist cuts to his left to avoid falling on tracks.
Large image, 76 kb
School bus
(19) Stopped behind a large vehicle.
Stay left to see and be seen.
Large image, 78 kb

(20) Too close to a parked car.
(In the door zone).
Large image, 70 kb

(21) Wheelman with historic bicycle

(22) Instructor training course
Large image, 72 kb

(23) Learning quick turn
Large image, 78 kb

(24) Avoiding ‘squeeze’ where road narrows ahead
Large image, 68 kb

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