LAB election irregularities

2.  About the short notice given for
preparation of the candidate’s statement.

Below is John Allen’s reply to the request for a candidate’s statement

"Patrick McCormick"
From: "John S. Allen" <>
Subject: Re: League Board Elections
Date: 1118 AM 1/6/03 -0500

At 0208 PM 1/2/03 -0500, you wrote

>I must ask you to please send me a candidate’s statement
>of up to 180 words and a background statement of up to 120 words, both by
>Monday, January 6. If your petition is accepted, your statements will be
>included in the Board elections section of the Almanac mailing February 10.
>I need to have these in advance of the certification in order to keep the
>publication of the Almanac on schedule.

OK, here are my statements.  I know it’s not your doing personally, but am rather disturbed at having been given only three days’ notice of the deadline.  I informed the League of my intention to run on October 4, and I have had several e-mail exchanges with the chair of the Nominating Committee since then.  If I had been out of town over the past weekend on business, I might not have seen your message until the deadline had passed.  Election procedures — one more thing to me address if I am elected!

I include contact information in the following statements.  If my postal address, phone number, e-mail address and Web site URL are included *outside* my statement but along with it, then I will be happy to revise the statement to avoid repeating them.  I will phone you about this. [John’s candidacy statement followed in the original message and is included on the ballot page reproduced on this Web site.]

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