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LAB Reform — Cycling Education

The best cycling advocacy is Education

The issue that started LAB Reform was Gross Mismanagement of the League’s Education Program between 2000 and 2003.  This crisis has ended, thanks to two good people.  (It took two to undo the mess caused by one misguided individual and a negligent board.)  But even now, many of the League’s advocacy efforts undermine education.

The education program was based on the book Effective Cycling by John Forester.  The program was also called Effective Cycling until Forester withdrew permission for use of the name in 2000 because (in his own words):  … my intent was to develop the skills of LAB as the prime national organization advocating and defending the status of cyclists as drivers of vehicles, because cyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles.  LAB’s change from its historic role as the defender of cyclists’ rights to its present role (whatever that happens to be, if one can discern it) and its refusal, demonstrated many times, to continue in its historic role is the basic reason for my withdrawal from LAB of the rights to the EC Program.

LAB still does not provide “League Cycling Instructors” with enough good teaching materials.  Hence, we offer the educational materials below.  Except as otherwise noted, the articles are by Fred Oswald, a certified bicycling safety instructor.

For an excellent ‘bicycle driving’ class, check out Cycling Savvy, A Cycling Education Program of the American Bicycling Education Association.

Did you know?

Primacy, the state of being first, often creates a strong, almost unshakable, impression.  For the instructor, this means that what is taught must be right the first time.  For the student, it means that learning must be right.  Unteaching is more difficult than teaching.  If, for example, a maintenance student learns a faulty riveting technique, the instructor will have a difficult task correcting bad habits and reteaching correct ones.  Every student should be started right.  The first experience should be positive, functional, and lay the foundation for all that is to follow.

A false sense of knowledge can be worse than being knowingly ignorant.
Aviation Instructor’s Handbook

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