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League Regional Director John Schubert Resigns

You’d think that a bunch of inexperienced youngsters…might be glad to get advice on publishing educational materials from a guy who’s had two books published by Random House, supervised a $30 million school district as school board president, testified numerous times as an expert in federal court, and published a magazine and several newsletters…

John Schubert
in an e-mail of April 29, 2003

Resignation letter of November 15, 2001 from John Schubert to  LAB Board of Directors


  1. August 22 E-mail from JS to LAB Executive Director Elissa Margolin
  2. September 23 education committee minority report
  3. A page from a hypothetical deposition
  4. Red Cross Effective Cycling discussion
  5. Letter from a constituent
  6. A League Cycling Instructor’s critique of the Davis seminar
    [Removed from this Web posting because the author cannot give permission due to job concerns.]
  7. E-mail about the LAB program director’s unprofessional behavior
    [not included in this Web posting because the author has not given permission]

Schubert’s Education committee emails.

Read them to see how the problems festered. [Editor’s notes:  (1) Most email addresses have been removed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved.  (2) At his request, we have removed the last name of the former LAB program director.  He is identified only as “Mike” or “Michael”.  (3) In 2003, LAB finally began to straighten out the mess by hiring two people to fix the mess created by one poorly trained staff member.]

We graduated several League Certified Instructors (LCIs) this year who are utterly unable to perform, let alone teach, the basic content of Bike Ed Road I.  One was heard to say, “I could never ride a bike in traffic.”