LAB election irregularities

8.  Fred Oswald’s response to
the "Terman Seven" letter

LAB Board members and Executive Director

I will be sending the letter about the board election, as shown below, to Mr. Kegel. This is similar to John Allen’s letter. Both describe some very serious problems. I hope you will give this your earnest attention to avoid causing further damage to the League’s reputation.

Certified mail,
Return receipt requested

April 14, 2003

Mr. Chris Kegel, President
League of American Bicyclists
Wheel and Sprocket
5722 S. 108th St.
Hales Corners, WI 53130-1911

Dear Mr. Kegel

Region 1 candidate John Allen shared with me his letter concerning the election.  I concur with this letter.  The election has been seriously compromised by (1) weak security in the conduct of the election; (2) irregularities in procedures for handling ballots; and (3) by favorable treatment given to the board’s candidates.

The most glaring impropriety is the suggestion that members need not know their membership number in order to vote.  Instructions to return ballots without this number would give an unfair advantage to the Board’s candidate, and create the appearance of encouraging election fraud.  Any ballots received without the membership number must therefore be rejected.  Staff must not be allowed to add missing numbers to any ballots.

Like John Allen, I am interested to hear any proposals you may have to attempt to recover from the mistakes made.  But I am not convinced that this can be made into honest election after the events described in Allen’s letter.

I would like to address a wider concern.  Seven of the board members seem to be frightened and threatened by the idea of LAB reform.  But we are simply trying to restore the League to its roots protecting the rights of cyclists and teaching both cyclists and the general public about proper bicycle operation.

We hope the board and staff can understand that our primary duty is working for members’ interests.  It is time to listen to the membership.


Fred Oswald,

Candidate for Director from Region 4

Please join us and help restore the BikeLeague to members.

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