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This page contains photos for promoting the best practices of bicycle operation
— operating the bicycle as a vehicle by following the standard rules of the road
and avoiding bad practices that encourage dangerous mistakes.

You may use these images at no charge.  Please include the following acknowledgement:
[author] photograph, or get permission from the author of the image.
If not otherwise identified, photos are by Fred Oswald.

Click on the link following “thumbnail” image to view a larger copy or right click on the link to copy the larger image to your own computer.

Cycling Facilities — Good, Bad, Ugly & Dangerous

(19) ‘Staple’. Good bike parking
Large image, 73 kb

(20) Bike at parking meter
Sign says ‘small vehicles only’
Large image, 96 kb

(21) Wheelbender bike rack. The bench is a better fixture
Large image, 68 kb

(22) No turn except bikes. Excuses cyclists from traffic calming.
Large image, 81 kb
road crack
(23) Crack in road seam — fall hazard.
Large image, 72 kb

(24) Dangerous drain grate. Good lane position avoids problem but beginners usually ride too far right.
Large image, 49 kb
(25) Crack in road at seam by drain grate — serious fall hazard
Large image, 79 469 kb

(26) Crack patched the day after author reported this hazard.
Large image, 60 kb

(27) Safer seam around drain grate. Cracks here are less likely to trap a bike wheel.
Large image, 63 kb

(28) Marked vehicle detector
Encourages compliance
with traffic laws
Large image, 53 kb

(29) Detector & marking in wrong place — encourages bad lane position. Better to mark detector in middle of lane under car.
Large image, 64 kb
Bill Hoffman photo

(30) Vehicle detector stencil
Large image, 84 kb

(31) Marked detector
Victoria BC Canada
Large image, 115 kb

(32) Sign tells where to stop
Nice try — but back to drawing board. Better language would be:
Large image, 71 kb
John Schubert photo

(33) Marked detectors at NASA Glenn — a Cyclist Friendly Community
Glenn encourages best practices
Large image, 124 kb

(34) Store lacks good parking
Cyclist locked to garbage can. Large image, 38 kb

(35) Indoor parking
“Paper training” the bike
Large image, 86 kb

(36) Bicycles Prohibited
This from a former “Bicycle Friendly Community”

Cycling Facilities #1 — Good, Bad & Ugly
Cycling Facilities #2 — Good, Bad & Ugly
Cycling Technique #1 good & bad
Cycling Technique #2 good & bad
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