LAB 2003 election irregularities

A good End cannot sanctifie evil Means; nor must we ever do Evil, that Good may come of it.
— William Penn

The 2003 election of directors for the League of American Bicyclists was marred by serious irregularities and by the possibility of outright fraud committed by a faction comprising seven of the directors.  These directors seemed to be more interested in the concerns of outside allies than in the welfare of League members.  Three of the directors who interfered in the election are still on the board as of 2007.  One of them was president in 2006.

So far as we know, none of these directors has ever apologized to the members for their actions, or admitted any wrongdoing — not even “mistakes”.  Whether you agree with the goals of these directors, their action raises serious questions about their integrity and whether they are fit to serve.

You can read about election problems in the sections below.

  1. Overall description of the election scandal
  2. Short notice for preparation of candidate’s statement
  3. Voting instructions
  4. The ballot form
  5. Fred Oswald’s and Mark Terman’s credentials
  6. The “Terman Seven” letter
  7. Additional examples of bias
  8. Fred Oswald’s response to the Terman Seven letter
  9. John Allen’s response to the Terman Seven letter
  10. Board member Mike Greehan responds to Allen
  11. The Board stonewalls
  12. Ballots sent to Chicago
  13. Comments from a ballot counter in a previous election
  14. Fred Oswald demands a fair election
  15. Notes of conference call: Allen, Oswald, Kegel, Margolin
  16. The announced outcome
  17. Postscript

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