LAB election irregularities

5.  Credentials of the Region 4 candidates

Candidate Fred Oswald is an active cyclist, who commuted to work on 192 days in 2002, including in Cleveland winter weather.  He is a League Cycling Instructor and a director of the Ohio Bicycle Federation.  He organized a national working group reviewing and reporting on traffic laws that affect cyclists.  His credentials are online at his Web site, His credentials are online

Candidate Mark Terman is a fitness advocate and former President and CEO of the Michigan Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Health and Sports.  Until his nomination he had no connection with League members or cyclists’ organizations in his region.

A Google search on "Mark Terman Michigan" turned up numerous documents indicating that he has worked in diverse areas including clinics to prevent football injuries and a program to get hairdressers to tell their clients to exercise.

While alliances with fitness advocates might be useful to the League, it is only fair to point out that the member-elected Board seats for the regions are intended to represent the members in the regions.  Four (now five) “at-large” members of the Board are appointed by the Board itself, in order to accommodate outside interests or provide special skills.  Board-appointed Board member Rich Killingsworth is a fitness advocate who works for Active Living by Design, an organization closely linked to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a major funder of fitness initiatives.  Killingsworth was chair of the League’s nominating committee that nominated Terman.

None of these appointed board members is accountable to the membership.  If you do not like what they are doing, you have no ability to vote them off the board.  Worse, since they have a major influence on nominations, thus they also control the composition of the “elected” members of the board.

A Google search on "Mark Terman bicycle" turns up the LAB election announcement and several documents in which Terman’s name and the word "bicycle" appear by coincidence.  (This is generally because of his connection with the Michigan Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness.)  An example:

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