Bruce Rosar’s letter to LAB members in region 3

(AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, PR, SC, TN, VA):

As you may know, voting in the 2007 League Board Elections (pdf file) has begun.  I’m writing to you because I feel that for too many years the Board has been making decisions which have not been in our best interest.  The most recent example which I’m aware of occurred on 17 September 2007; the Board approved both a reorganization of the League and an amendment of the League’s Bylaws without letting the membership know why they gave approval or exactly what was approved (the meeting minutes say “please see attachments” but no attachments were made available).

Please vote to elect me, Bruce Rosar, to the 2008 Region 3 seat so that we can once again have a League that works for the interests of its members.  If elected, my primary goals as a Director will include:

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My email address is brucewr_AT_mindspring_DOT_com

Bruce Rosar
Cary, NC

Endorsements for Bruce Rosar

Fred Oswald; League Cycling Instructor #947, Candidate for the LAB board in 2003, founder of the Ohio Bicycle Federation Cyclist Friendly Communities Award

We need Bruce Rosar on the LAB board to return the League to the control of the members (its OUR League, after all).  The incumbent has allowed LAB to drift from its rightful mission as a protector of cyclists’ rights.  Bruce understands the issues and the historical mission of the League and will help restore these vital functions.

I have worked with Bruce to develop cycling education materials about cycling safety, law and rights to the road and I’m impressed by his teaching materials.  Bruce firmly supports educating people in the best practices that will make cycling safer, more efficient and more fun.

Steve Gottlieb; Life Member #432, League Cycling Instructor #82, Board Member 1987-1994, Vice President 1991-1993, Past President 1993-1994

Everything I know about Bruce Rosar leads me to believe that he will be an important addition to the League’s Board of Directors.  He is an experienced contributor to the world of cycling who has served as President of the North Carolina Bicycle Club.  He currently serves the League through its Bike Ed program.  Bruce has the perspective that our board so urgently needs.  I strongly endorse his candidacy and hope that you will vote for him.

John Forester Author of Effective Cycling and Bicycle Transportation, 1996 Paul Dudley White recipient (LAB’s highest honor), President 1979-80

For many years I have read Bruce Rosar’s intelligent considerations about protecting the legal rights of cyclists as drivers of vehicles.  The League certainly needs more directors with this point of view to direct it into the proper path.

Please join us and help restore the BikeLeague to members.

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