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LAB Board Members:
Tell them what you think about the governance of the League

For several years, the LAB board has been dominated by a few directors whose primary allegiance is with outside interests, rather than the League members.  These outsiders are determined to promote their own agenda no matter what the consequences for the League or its members. [1]  We are disappointed that other directors have failed to stand up to this minority faction.  This allows the faction to control the board.

Much of the problem of outside control of the League is due to appointed directors (5 out of 12) who are not accountable to the members.  We cannot vote them out of office, even for misconduct.  This makes it imperative that all of the elected directors are committed to reforming the board so control is returned to members.

The board voted in summer 2010 to add three more members — two of them appointed.  This will make 7 of 15 board members appointed and will further dilute members’ influence.

In addition, the board controls who can get on the ballot.  This makes elections meaningless.

Note: The email addresses below have been altered to protect against email spammers.  Replace “_AT_” with “@”.

Member-elected Seats

Hans van Naerssen, Chair,  Term expires 2011
Wayne, PA

Bill Hoffman, Region 2.  Term expires 2011
(DC, DE, MD, NJ, PA, WV)
Lancaster, PA
billhoffman_AT_bikeleague.org Member of LAB Reform and LAB Reform endorsed candidate

Rob Sadowsky,,   Term expires 2012

Harry Brull, Region 5.  Term expires 2011
(AR, AZ, CO, IA, KS, LA, MN, MO, MT, NE, ND, NM, OK, SD, TX, UT, WI, WY)
Minneapolis, MN

Amanda Eichstaedt, Region 6.  Term expires 2012
(AK, CA, HI, ID, NV, OR, WA)
LCI # 1046, Olema, CA

John Siemiatkoski, JohnSiemiatkoski_AT_bikeleague.org

Appointed Seats (NOT member-elected)

Jeffrey Lynne, Appointed as replacement for Member Elected seat JeffreyLynne_bikeleague.org

Tim Young, Vice Chair, a non-elected director
Executive Director, Friends of Pathways
Jackson, WY
Young was new to the board in 2007.

Gail Spann, a non-elected director

Eric Swanson, Treasurer, a non-elected director
The previous treasurer resigned in late 2007.  We have not heard why.

Gary Brustin, a non-elected director
Cycling Attorney
Beverly Hills, CA
Brustin was new to the board in 2004.

Mike Nix, a non-elected director
Co-Owner, Liberty Bikes
LCI #: 51, Asheville, NC
Nix was new to the board in 2007.

Director Emeritus (an honorary position)

Phyllis Harmon, Director Emeritus
Phyllis rescued the League from earlier leadership crises in the ’60’s and ’70’s.  She has now retired from the board.

Link for Official LAB list of Board members (on LAB web site).

Did you know?

Five out of 12 LAB board members are appointed rather than being member-elected?  And soon, we will have 7 of 15 appointed.  These appointed members cannot be removed by members, even for misconduct.


[1] Read about the “Terman Seven” election scandal of 2003

Please join us and help restore the BikeLeague to members.

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