LAB Reform Meeting Notes
LAB Board Mtg. 3/19/05, Hotel Washington, Washington, DC

Notes taken by Bill Hoffman

LAB Reform presents these notes because the official minutes typically are not detailed enough, so that someone who did not attend the meeting is unlikely to grasp the arguments raised about the issues in question or know how much time was devoted to a given topic.  In addition, the minutes are not posted until many months after the meeting — an excessive delay.

Board members present: John Allen, Joe Stafford, Mike Abrams, Chris Kegel, Preston Tyree, Mike Greehan, Amanda Jones. Gary Brustin, Paul Wessel, and Martha Roskowski participated by phone (not all present at all times).
Absent: Don Sparks, Rick Killingsworth.

Staff present: Andy Clarke, Marthea Wilson, Christina Herold, Mike Mackin, Sami Fournier

Guests present: Tom Helm, Chuck Smith, Riley Geary, Richard Moeur, Harry Brull, Al Brody, Bill Hoffman

9:03A Representative of Cycle Oregon introduced.  CO is the host of this year’s annual meeting, and is an annual non-profit ride.  All profits go into a fund that are distributed to towns the ride goes through that year.  It’s an effort to promote economic development as well as cycling.  The 2005 ride theme is Lewis & Clark bicentennial.  It starts in Corbin in the eastern part of the state and ends at the ocean, and includes the Columbia Gorge.  About 50% of their participants each year are new, with a maximum of 2000.  The LAB Board meeting will be held on the rest day at a state park near Salem.  The meeting will be indoors.  John Allen mentioned the annual meeting requirement in the bylaws, and how will that be handled?  Joe Stafford asked if any CO organizers have been to a League rally.  None, except maybe Jerry Norquist.  Joe asked for advance notice of logistics.

Members comments:
There were none, only the introduction of guests, Board, and staff.

9:45A Approval of Minutes:
(Paul Wessel joined on the phone at 9:46).  9/4/04 meeting discussed, then minutes approved with minor adjustments.  (Martha Roskowski joined at 9:50).  12/2/04 meeting minutes approved.  Paper copies of 1/19/05 minutes handed out, had previously been emailed.  Paul mentioned two items near the end that should be corrected or deleted; this was approved.

10:06A Election:
A handout of the ballot and candidates’ magazine statements were distributed.  The ballot is a fold-over, but doesn’t include the membership number.  Ballots to be sent to BOX 173, Dallastown, PA; Joe Stafford (who is not a candidate for election) will collect them and deliver them, unopened, to HQ.  The membership list as of 3/31 is to be supplied to the election judges.  Discussion of disputed names; John Allen said the member number would solve that problem.  I asked for a banner on the magazine cover indicating a ballot inside; otherwise it might not be noticed.  Counting of ballots: previously board wanted to hire an outside firm, but that’s too expensive.  Paul suggested three directors not involved in the election.  Joe Stafford, John Allen, and Paul Wessel are to be on the committee, with no staff involved.  This was approved.  The ballots are to be counted in DC, not in Providence where the 125th anniversary celebration is occurring, because the ballots might not all be received in time to be counted there.  Preston Tyree abstained on all votes relating to the election because he is a candidate.

10:36A Presentation on 125th anniversary rides by John Rohland of Providence. Rides to be held 6/10-12 in Prov. and Newport.

10:54A Break

11:07A Auditors/financial review:
Tom Raffa and Mike ______ of Raffa Associates presented.  Gave clean opinion.  It was mentioned that the Bikes Belong grant ends in 05.

12:07P Lunch

12:45P Financial review (continued):
In 1’st two months of 05, all revenue categories were below budget, as were expenses.  Current cash flow problem.  Summit had $8-10,000 deficit in registrations, expenses cut by $15-18,000 as a result.  240-250 paid registrants-budget was 263.  197 paid regis. in 04.  Sponsorships greater than estimated.  Paul: need to raise membership and fundraising.

Mike Greehan asked LAB Reform to Google him; he hinted that we should take off “illegal and unethical” from our site.  Discussion ended when Paul asked to get back to finances.  Paul said the treasurer should not be on the audit committee.  Preston: audit committee should be separate from the finance committee.

1:10P Committee structure:
Preston wants to involve more members.  In his report he recommended a development committee.  Legal committee: Gary Brustin said it could be a problem if lawyers do product liability cases; the industry could object and withdraw financial support.  Preston: he can send a list of committees and a definition of each, including sub-committees.

1:32P Executive Director’s report:
Summit very successful, per Andy.  LAB wants to file amicus brief in a Kentucky case mistakenly settled.  That state’s Supreme Court has accepted the case, in which a jury ignored the judge’s instructions in the original case.  The foreman later admitted they were wrong.  The first appeal was rejected on procedural grounds.

LAB helped Clear Channel Communications station in Sacramento on DJs who advised listeners to hassle cyclists…4 LCI seminars year-to-date, 58 LCIs certified.  San Luis Obispo seminar cancelled…Video production moving ahead…Working with AARP and AAA on education for their members.

doing more communications with clubs: 2 newsletters, weekly email.  Now 460 affiliated clubs….  Acquisition mailing ready to go….  2 fewer staffers now-Chris Scott and Patrick McCormick have left, won’t hire Chris’s replacement due to tenuous (but improving) finances.

2:09P Upcoming events:
Preston says BELC registration is low; targeted 250.  Need sponsorships; most have not been confirmed.  For financial projection, Marthea dropped registration number by half but kept sponsorships at original amount….125th anniversary gala dinner: need a task force to ensure it happens.  Want to identify 125 most significant people in cycling at dinner, want to sell 4-500 seats @ $125 ea.  …Providence event: Andy asked each director for an idea on how to get people to attend and join LAB.

3:05P Break

3:20P Board fundraising:
2 ideas from Chris Kegel to bring in dollars.

3:50P Position statements:
John Allen asked to approve revised statements; done.

Next meeting:
9/15 during Cycle Oregon; town meeting that evening.

Executive Session: (Visitors required to leave.)

Please join us and help restore the BikeLeague to members.

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